Marcus Samuelsson, Chef, Author, Entrepreneur

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(Photo: Peter Ross)

"I have always loved working with Dannielle.  She brings creativity, style and warmth to everything she does." 

Gail Simmons, Top Chef Judge, Host and Author

"Having shot two seasons of Top Chef Just Desserts together and having seen her speak publicly, as well as on television, countless times, I can say that working with Dannielle Kyrillos is a true delight. I have always admired her warmth, ease and wit on camera, and I know anyone looking to develop on-camera and presentation skills would learn a great deal from her. Dannielle's professionalism and media savvy are unmatched!"

Dany Levy, Founder, DailyCandy 


"Having worked with Dannielle for over a decade I’ve witnessed (and have often been awed by) her many talents. She possesses a rare knack for sourcing remarkable finds from across the globe; she can communicate her message effectively with brevity and wit and she has a true gift of being able to act on the fly on live television. She also has a wickedly-funny, punchy sense of humor and the uncanny ability to sprinkle magic pixie dust over even the most ordinary of things. " 

Christina Grdovic, Publisher, Food & Wine


"Dannielle is an amazing and rare combination of professional, fun, clever and creative. She brings an expert point of view and always has a unique way of communicating.  She's an asset both in front of the camera and behind the scenes."

Korey Provencher, Television Producer


"As a producer with more than a decade of experience working on America's most beloved daytime shows, I can tell you that there are people who get it and people who don't, and Dannielle Kyrillos gets it.  She has always been one of my favorite guests, because she makes my job nearly a million times easier, she communicates beautifully with any host or audience, and she is hilarious.  No one could be better suited to helping others learn the craft of appearing on television."

Geoff Bartakovics, Founder and CEO, Tasting Table 


"Dannielle is the master of bringing a story or brand to life.  She knows the nuts and bolts of daytime television and online video better than anyone, and she is the kindest, most effective teacher working today.  She trained my team in what she knows best: how to distill the essence of a story into a relatable and powerful message, how to smoothly navigate the often confusing world of live TV, and how to sound and look like the very best versions of themselves.  She connects with people and inspires them to excel."  

Pavia Rosati, Founder and CEO, Fathom

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"I've been working very closely with Dannielle Kyrillos for more than a decade.  I am consistently impressed with her charm, poise, professionalism and creativity.  Best of all is her ability to know what's special about a place, a product, a situation--and then distill that into a great story or filmed segment.  She thinks a step ahead of everyone and knows how to make everyone she works with happy about the project and the process."

Ryan Harwood, CEO, PureWow


"I have always admired Dannielle's work on camera--her ability to connect with an audience and deliver an impactful message is unparalleled.  When she put her impressive expertise and engaging teaching to work for PureWow, she helped our editors find their most compelling voices and gave them the confidence and practical know-how to ace any television segment or video."

Robert Rosenthal, Award-Winning Ad Exec, The Daily Meal Contributor 

"Dannielle Kyrillos is a star. A style expert with a perfectly natural, relatable on-air presence. Also highly effective as a top-notch media trainer. Dannielle is the real deal."